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Yoga for Several Diseases

Recent scientific research and experiments have proved beyond doubt the efficacyof yoga in controlling and curing serious diseases like blood pressure, heart diseases, hypertension,nervous disorders, etc.

It is gratifying to note that the importance of yoga is now being increasingly acknowledged internationally and its popularity growing rapidly in many scientifically advanced countries of the world like france and US. The following table indicates the basic postures for which therapeutic claims have been made by eminent yogis.

They are said to aid healing and ward off disorders.

Disorder Posture
Asthma Abdominal breathing,bow,corpse,Fish headstand, Locusts, Lotus, Mountain, Shoulderstand
Backache back-stretching, Big tow, Bow, Bridge cat, Cobra, cowface, Fish, Headstand, Shooting Bow, Shoulderedstand, Spinal twist, Supine thunderbolt, Wheel
Bronchitis Abdominal breathing, Cobra, Fish locust, Lotus, Mountain, Shoulder-stand
Constipation Abdominal uplift, Back stretching, Fish, Forward bend, Head knee, Headstand, Knee squeeze, Plough, Recti Isolation, shooting Bow, shoulder-stand, spinal twist, Yoga posture
Diabetes Back-stretching, cobra, corpse, pacock plough, shoulderstand, spinal twist, yoga posture
gall bladder disorders Bow,Cobra, Head-knee, Noose, Peacock, Triangle
indigestion Abdominal uplift,Cobra, Corpse, Mountain, Peacock, Plough, Recti, Isolation, Shoulderstand, Spinal twist, Standing stretch poses, Supine thunderbolt, Yoga posture.
insomnia Back-stretching,Cobra, corpse, Locust, Mountain, Plough, Shoulder stand
kidney disorders Bow,Cobra, Head-knee, Locust, Noose, Shoulderstand, Spinal twist
Liver disorders Boat, Noose
Lumbago Corpse, Locust, Plough, Spinal twist, standing stretch poses
Menopause diorders Abdominal uplift, Cat, Cobra, Corpse, Fish, Plough, Shoulderstand, sitting poses
Menstrual disorders Abdominal Uplift, Back stretching, cat,Cobra,Corpse, Fish, forward Bend, Headstand, plough, Recti isolation, Shoulderstand, Sitting poses
Neurasthenia Back-stretching, corpse, Headstand, hero's, meditation poses, Mountain, Warrior's, standing stretch poses
obesity Abdominal uplift, Back-stretching, Bow, cobra, Forward Bend, Head-knee, plough, spinal twist
Piles Fish, Headstand, Plough, Shoulderstand
poor postures Bow, Camel, Cobra, Cowface, Mountain, Palm tree, Triangle
Prolapse Abdominal uplift, headstand, Shoulderstand
Prostate disorders Headstand, shoulderstand, sitting and kneeling poses, Spinal twist
reproductive Back-stretching, Cobra, Headstand, Plough, Shoulderstand, Supine, Thunder-bolt
rheumatism Back-stretching, Bow,Cowface, headknee,Spinal twist, Triangle.
Sciatica Big Toe
Sexual disability Abdominal breathing, Abdominal uplift, Bow, Cat, cobra, Dog stretch, Foetus, Headstand, Hunkering, Plough, Recti Isolation, Shoulderstand, sitting and kneeling poses, Spinal twist, Yoga posture
Tension Abdominal breathing, Abdominal uplift, backstretching, Corpse, Forward bend, Mountain, Shoulder-stand, Slow-motion Exercises, Triangle
Throat disordrs Lion
thyroid disorders Bridge, Fish, shoulderstand
Varicose veins Headstand, Shoulderstand, and all other inverted postures
Wind pains Abdominal uplift, knee squeeze